About Angie

Anjaneth (Angie) Aguirre is a master nail technician, visionary and educator. Her talents boldly marry the world of creativity and technique through but not limited to nail art. Angie creator of the brand “Shespolished” is a nail art technician and Panamanian native.  She grew up in and currently works out of the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Her passion for innovative expression; steered her studies of nail technique and art design. Encompassing over 12 years of professional experience; her journey has been challenging yet exhilarating.  She co-owned a boutique style nail salon working with diverse clients bringing to life creative designs through nail. Angie has trained and coached numerous nail techs to generate their own audience and clients. Angie is a pillar in her community and clients become family by sitting and sharing in the laughter and warmth that is known as part of the Shespolished experience.

With a dedication to perfecting her craft her canvas can be seen on magazines, social media, and many other creative outlets. Her expertise includes:  Nail Art, Gel Nails, Gel Sculpted Nails, and Natural Nails...to name a few.